Vapor RMW



Cadillac CTS

Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto

VAPOR Music provided the entire audio backdrop to the Cadillac CTS web presence. This interactive site offers users a chance to look and listen to every part of the car. People can browse colors, see videos of the car in action, view the Cadillac in a 360 degree fashion and listen to comprehensive voice overs detailing every aspect of the interior and exterior. For this job, VAPOR headed out to a Cadillac dealer to do some location recording. Once we compiled a database of revs, handles, seat squeaks, and even air conditioning tone, the sound design began. These sounds were all processed and used for every level of navigation for the site. There was also a 30 minute ominous ambient track written containing the audio of an idle CTS processed into tones to give the site a cohesive backdrop.