Vapor Showcase Artist: Nautiluss

It’s finally the time we’ve all so patiently been waiting for – tomorrow evening at 7pm we kick off our 4th annual Vapor Independent Music Showcase, brought to you in partnership with our friends at stealing time! With four amazing acts already introduced to you over the past few weeks, we have one more to complete our stellar line up, and it’s none other than Montreal born, Nautiluss.

This critically acclaimed DJ gained popularity as Grahmzilla, formerly one half of the Canadian electronic duo Thunderheist, and has made it impossible for anyone to associate him with one particular genre as he draws from numerous sources to create his organic, intriguing sound. Nautiluss knew he wanted to steer clear of Thunderheist’s well known brash beats when starting his own solo project and has combined bits of pop, hip-hop, and UK bass, producing music that ‘can be enjoyed at home or in a dark dance club.’

His debut single, “Ultraviolet/Bleu Monday” which was released in September 2011, has earned him national airplay and kudos from radio station hosts around the world. Also, his remix of the track “Horizon” by Vancouver based group Humans (who performed at Vapor’s Showcase last year) was one of the top downloads on xlr8tr for the month of March.

Recently signing with Montreal- based Turbo Recordings, Nautiluss has a new EP, Alpha,coming out in just a few days, and we can’t wait to hear a sneak peak of it tomorrow night!

“‘Ultraviolet’ is as assured and brilliant as the names of its creators suggest. It is a glitchy, twitchy-snared dub-ballad with slow, elongated vocals that can’t quite dissipate the air of spooky threat; those Twilight Zone synths in the background are definitely up to something. B-side and Nautiluss instrumental ‘Bleu Monday’ is, happily, just as big on portent as the lead track. And as gleefully modern as a thing could be.”
- Drowned in Sound

To learn more about Nautiluss, you can check him out on FacebookTumblr and Twitter.

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