Vapor Music does TIFF 2012

It’s no secret that we at Vapor Music love all things film, so the Toronto International Film Festival is one of our favourite times of year!  This year’s festivities are no exception, and the Vapor crew has been making appearances at events across the city in celebration of the relationship between sound and the screen.

Last night, Heather Adamo (Head of Music Supervision + Licensing), Sari Morein (Producer + Music Coordinator) and Kim Lum-Danson (Studio Manager) visited the Festival Music House for a fantastic lineup of artist performances before heading to the Mongrel Media party.  We can’t wait to see what the rest of the festival has in store!

Here are a few pics from the beginning of our TIFF adventures:

Sari and Heather pre-Festival Music House

Sari and Heather at Festival Music House

Kim and Sari at the Mongrel Media party

Mongrel Media party tents

Kim and Sari posing on the Mongrel red carpet!

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